Code Of Conduct

Healing Code Of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct was laid down by the great mentor of “Wahdah Healing Energy” Miyan Sahab and all the healers and apprentice of “Wahdah Healing” are bound to follow the fundamental professional principles mentioned in the COC. Download

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“Wahdah” one on one healing sessions can be reserved absolutely free of charge by contacting one of our healers and apprentices worldwide so don’t delay and locate today a “Wahdah” healer or apprentice near your area. Find Now

Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Receive free live distant healing sessions given daily by the great mentor of “Wahdah” Miyan Sahab in areas where in one to one healing not available and for those feel uncomfortable with in person healing. Distant healing available except Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays through WhatsApp Click To Chat


What People Say!

Thank you so much. The Wahdah has really helped a lot with my muscle pain problem. No painkillers or muscle relaxants ever did any good. But today I felt a difference instantly. Couldn’t believe it at first I'm really grateful to you.
Marium Butt
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Everything you possess of skill, and wealth and handicraft, wasn't it first merely a thought and a quest? -- Rumi

Why choose Wahdah?

  • An absolute healing system
  • More than a healing modality
  • Uses the root energy of the universe
  • Works on anybody and anything
  • Limitless transformations and healing
  • Not another commercial healing system