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I feel more relaxed!

During the session I felt various sensations in my body and a lot of itching. At the beginning of our session, rapid eye movements. But what is most important, my main block in my left forearm started to loosen up. This was very surprising to me when I started to feel it.

M.K.    March 8, 2013   Slovakia   

I receive the healing for my manic depression and I felt relaxed and in front of my eyes closed there appeared a bright green colour which came and expanded in the entire process. thanks a lot for helping me in this crucial time.

Qamar Khan    December 9, 2012   Mubai, India   

Thank you very much for this wonderful healing energy I feel a great reduce in my arthritis pain. God bless you

Mohammad Shahbaz    November 28, 2012   Mumbai, India   

It was a wonderful session I could feel the soothing vibrations all over my body and I slept without taking tranquilizers thanks a lot.

Shazia Aftab    November 28, 2012   United Arab Emirates   

Dear sir last night I got tired and slept after, my heartbeat was very fast during the healing I was feeling like strong vibrations were going through my body especially the head and chest Thank you very much and may Allah bless you for all your work Ameen

Saad Qureshi    November 28, 2012   Morton Grove, Illinois, United Stats   

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