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Healing Session

Free one on one (in person) Healing sessions are given by “Wahdah” healers and apprentices daily click here to locate a “Wahdah” healer/apprentice near your area.   You may also take free online healing sessions. Get connected with the ROOT ENERGY of the universe through the grand […]

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What is a “Wahdah? “Wahdah” which means unity, becoming one, is a completely new healing modality that I’ve discovered and acknowledged so far. I named it “Wahdah” because the practitioners of “Wahdah” unite, attach and align their selves with the root energy of this universe, the Root [...]Read more

Discover The Power

What is it? “Wahdah” is an absolute system of energy healing. People who have no idea of energy healing, as well as experienced alternative medicine practitioners, are able to learn and utilize the power of “Wahdah” into their works. Anyone can learn “Wahdah” and experience the difference. […]

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About Miyan Sahab

I spent over 22 years enlightening my awareness and learning the secrets of true realization of truth and realization of self from various greatest spiritual teachers whom I’ve met so far in my journey of learning the realization. I also founded an online resource to help people […]

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Find A Healer

Wahdah Healing Wahdah Healing“Wahdah Healing Energy” Contact: Dhilshad Parker Home Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa home Cell Phone: 0079 640 4782cell Personal Email: dhilshadp@hotmail.comINTERNET Website: Shifa Online Website: Wahdah Healing Categories: Healers Updated 7 years ago. Wahdah Healing Wahdah Healing“Wahdah Healing Energy” Contact: Younas Abdul Aziz [...]Read more