What is it?

“Wahdah” is an absolute system of energy healing. People who have no idea of energy healing, as well as experienced alternative medicine practitioners, are able to learn and utilize the power of “Wahdah” into their works. Anyone can learn “Wahdah” and experience the difference.

Healing with “Wahdah” initiates with forgiveness – The most fundamental element of “Wahdah” healing that helps to remove blockages and free one’s self from the reserves of negative energy.

By not forgiving, you reserve a good amount of negative energy inside you. When you don’t forgive, it means you have the feelings of disappointments, negativity, anger, and jealousy about your relationships, about your failures or about your health, somewhere inside you, that keeps on polluting your energies and keeps them reserved. On the other hand, when you develop the attitude of forgiveness, you release yourself from the disappointments and negativity, and therefore you release all your polluted and negative energy and become free from the reservation of polluted energy.

Sometimes we even blame ourselves for a particular situation or failure, but in actual fact, we don’t forgive ourselves. Not only should you forgive others, but yourself as well, for the mistakes and failures so that you may release yourself from the reservation of polluted energies.

Now once you are already releasing your energies and not letting them be polluted, you are likely to receive more vital energies. Therefore it is mandatory to initiate “Wahdah” healing with a simple forgiveness exercise.


“Wahdah” is more than a healing modality

“Wahdah” is practiced and taught through a particular set of methods taught to our apprentices and healers such the “Spiral Spring”, “Energy Pool” and so many others. With “Wahdah”,  you work at the root level and with the root energy that creates all of reality. “Wahdah” itself is not actually a set of methods, but an initiative towards an enlightened and satisfied life.


You learn to make relation

You make relation with the “Wahdah”, a true reality, when you realize and unify yourself with it via the methods you are taught and the attunement with which you unite with “Wahdah” , the only responsible energy for the creation of even a single atom which exists in the universe.


Not Just Us

Since with “Wahdah” we work with the root energy of the universe, the possibilities of transformation and healing are limitless and not just limited to Human. You may even heal or transform anything that exists in the universe that needs to be transformed or healed at any level.

Just a few months ago my Rose Flower Plant in my home all of a sudden became flowerless and wasn’t flowering at all, so then I decided to experience “Wahdah” with it and guess what? it started to flower right after 15 days! I had used “Wahdah” on it.

Although the “Wahdah” may appear sometimes as magica, it actually works according to the different laws of the universe such the Unity, Love, Forgiveness, Sacrifice and many others.